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This section contains intruder alarms for your home, car and motorcycle, power failure and water level alarms and even a snore detector. All circuits are listed alphabetically on the Circuit Index page and in date order on the update page. All contributors are listed on the credits page.

If you have problems try my help page first. Most circuits on this site use SI Notation. Due to large volumes of email, I regret that I can only answer questions about circuits on my site.

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Random Circuit
  1. Gate Alarm Circuit by Rev Thomas Scarborough
  2. 5 Zone Alarm system
  3. Miniature Loop Alarm by Tomaz Lazar
  4. Modular Burglar Alarm by Ron J
  5. Water Activated Alarm by Tom
  6. Buzzer by Tom
  7. Radio Wave Alarm by Rev Thomas Scarborough
  8. Enhanced Alarm Keypad by Ron J
  9. 4 Digit Keypad by Ron J
  10. Motorcycle Alarm by Ron J
  11. Water Level Alarm
  12. Single Zone Alarm by Ron J
  13. CMOS Single Zone Alarm by Ron J
  14. Mini Alarms by Ron J
  15. Car Alarm and Immobilizer by Ron J
  16. Hijack Alarm by Ron J
  17. Snore Alarm
  18. Motorcycle Alarm 2 by Ron J
  19. Motorcycle Alarm 3 by Ron J
  20. Motorcycle Alarm 4 by Ron J
  21. Motorcycle Alarms 5 & 6 by Ron J
  22. Automatic Intruder Alarm by Ron J
  23. Earthquake Detector External link to Jochen Leug's site
  24. Shed / Garage Alarm Circuit by Ron J
  25. An SCR Based Burglar Alarm by Ron J
  26. A Transistor Based Alarm by Ron J
  27. One Time Only Alarm by Ron J
  28. Battery Powered One Time Alarm Only by Ron J
  29. CMOS 4060 Alarm by Ron J
  30. Audio Security Monitor
  31. Hijack Alarm 3 by Ron J
  32. 6 Zone Alarm with 7 Segment Display
  33. 2 Zone Intruder Alarm by Ron J
  34. 3 Zone Duress Alarm
  35. Power Failure Alarm
  36. Motor Cycle Alarm No. 7 by Ron J
  37. Motor Cycle Alarm No. 8 by Ron J
  38. Two Wireless Alarms
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