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  1. Zener Diode Tester
  2. Infra Red Remote Control Tester
  3. Electromagnetic Field Probe with Meter
  4. Simple Square Wave Oscillator
  5. Logic Probe
  6. Function Generator
  7. MilliGauss Meter by Rev Tomas Scarborough
  8. Multi Wire Cable Tester
  9. Connection Tester
  10. Sine Wave Generator
  11. Two Crystal Test Circuits
  12. Bench Amplifier
  13. Signal Injector and Tracer
  14. Beat Balance Metal Detector by Rev Thomas Scarborough
  15. Coil Coupled Operation Metal Detector by Rev Thomas Scarborough
  16. Low Frequency Oscillator
  17. EMF Probe Version 2
  18. Field Strength Meter for 2.4Ghz by John Samin
  19. Transistor Tester
  20. RF Probe
  21. Small Audio Test Set by Rodney Byne
  22. PC Scope Probe by Rodney Byne
  23. Dual PSU and 50Hz Calibration Aid by Rodney Byne Updated 21-12-2016
  24. Wideband RF Millivoltmeter by Rodney Byne
  25. Sound Level Meter
  26. LM317 Tester by Abu-Hafss, Pakistan
  27. Energy Saving Soldering Station by Abu-Hafss, Pakistan
  28. Inductance Meter by Abu-Hafss, Pakistan
  29. CDI Tester by Abu-Hafss, Pakistan
  30. Regulator-Rectifier Tester by Abu-Hafss, Pakistan
  31. 7 Waveform Generator by Rodney Byne
  32. Wideband Noise Generator
  33. AC Voltmeter
  34. DC Voltmeter
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