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Analysis and Applications of the Capacitive Transformer by Ramon Vargas
DC Analysis Examples
BJT Biasing Techniques (External link)
Boolean Algebra Examples (External link)
Colpitts Oscillator
Frequency Response of Amplifiers
James-Baxandall Passive Tone Control Network by Ramon Vargas
Predicting Thermistor Resistance by Ron J
Transmitter Distance

Analogue Coupling Circuits
BJT Configurations
BJT Configurations 2
Design of A Regenerative Receiver for Short Wave Part 1 by Ramon Vargas
Design of A Regenerative Receiver for Short Wave Part 2 by Ramon Vargas
FET Configurations
BJT Bias Circuits
Negative Feedback in amplifiers by Lazar Panic
Transistor as a Switch
Op-amp Tutorial by Tony Van Roon (external link)
Over Voltage Protection
Removing "DC thump" from Audio Circuits
Switch Contact De-Bouncing
555 Timer Tutorial by Tony Van Roon (external link)
Unregulated Power Supply Design
Wien Bridge Oscillator Design by Ramon Vargas
Q Multiplication in the Wien Bridge Oscillator by Ramon Vargas
Voltage Comparator and Q Multiplier make a stable Sine Wave Oscillator by Ramon Vargas

Antenna Theory
Basic DC Theory
Basic AC Theory
BJT Hybrid Model
Diode Charge Pump AM-FM Demodulators by Ramon Vargas
Heat Sinks for Transistors (external link to Kelsey Park School)
Ohms Law for AC Circuits
Measuring Input Output Impedance
Low Noise Design Techniques
Optimization of the Signal Voltage of a Selectivity Enhanced Germanium Detector by Ramon Vargas
Oscillations and Regenerative Amplification using Negative Resistance Devices by Ramon Vargas
Radio Calculations by Harry Lythall (external link)
Reduction of Detector Diode Losses in a Crystal Radio by Ramon Vargas
RC Phase Shift Oscillators by Ramon Vargas
Thevenin and Norton Networks
Tuned Circuits
Thevenin to Norton Conversion