Circuit Maker-
Install on Linux
Installation Under Linux
Circuit Maker can be installed and made to work on your favourite Linux distribution, you don't even need to have a working windows installation. Follow these steps:
  1. First install wine. Wine is software that allows you to install and run windows programs just like you would in Windows. Wine is still under active development, and although not every windows program works, it gets better each release. Wine is probably available in your distributions software repository, if not download a copy from WineHQ.

  2. Insert your Circuit Maker CD. The install file or autorun file can be run with wine. If you use KDE you can right click the install file in the file manager and choose open with. In the list of applications choose wine. If using Gnome desktop right click with the nautilus file manager and choose open with wine. After a few seconds you should see a dialog box similar to this screen:

  3. The next screen is the welcome screen, click next to continue:

  4. A welcome screen is displayed, click next to continue:

  5. You then are asked to enter your user information:

  6. Depending on your version you may see a choice of components to install, click next:

  7. Finally the default destination is presented for installation:

  8. The C: drive is actually your wine installation directory, as a regular user. In linux this is usually /home/user/.wine where "user" is your username. A directory structure is created under the hidden .wine directory with a drive_c, and suddirectories Program Files and windows directory.

  9. The install normally finishes with a Circuit Maker Icon on your Linux desktop and an entry added to your desktop menu. Depending on your distribution you may find the Circuit Maker entry under Wine,Programs, Circuit Maker.