Install Under Linux
Installation Under Linux
LTSpice can be installed on your favourite Linux distribution, you don't even need to have windows installed, just follow these steps:
  1. First install wine. Wine is not an emulator but linux software that creates a working windows environment with dll files and allows you to install and run many windows programs. Wine is probably already installed or available in your distributions software repository, if not, download a copy from WineHQ.

  2. Download LTSpice, to get a copy, just visit Linear Technologies web site. Once downloaded right click the file name, a context menu will open on most desktops, see the screenshot using KDE below:

  3. Choose the option to Open with Wine and accept the license:

  4. The default directories are fine and installation begins:

  5. Once installation has finished you will get a confirmation message, click ok and program will exit.

  6. Creating a Menu
    There will probably be a menu entry on most linux desktops. The default menu entry for KDE is shown below. It may be convenient to also add a panel or desktop shortcut. On KDE this is just a right click away: